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After being suspended for a full year, the fifth game of the NBA Finals will be broadcast on CCTV's five sports channels starting at 9 o'clock this morning.


A CCTV spokesperson said that during the Chinese National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival that just passed, the NBA expressed holiday blessings to Chinese fans. We have also noticed the goodwill expressed by the NBA for some time, especially since the beginning of this year, the NBA has made active efforts in supporting the Chinese people in fighting the new crown pneumonia epidemic. At the same time, the spokesperson also said that the NBA replay is because basketball still has a broad mass base and fans' demand for viewing in China.


As an event with a certain degree of influence in China, the NBA has always had a wide audience and huge commercial value. The NBA’s continued efforts have also proved that they do not want to lose this huge market that has been cultivated for decades and brings at least more than $1 billion in revenue every year due to an "incident".

作为在中国具有一定影响力的赛事,NBA一直具有广泛的受众和巨大的商业价值。 NBA的不断努力也证明,他们不想失去这个已经发展了数十年的巨大市场,并且由于“事件”而每年带来至少10亿美元的收入。

This can be regarded as the "honorable performance" of the new NBA China region Ma Xiaofei. He is the son of Ma Guoli, the former director of the CCTV Sports Center, and participated in the establishment of NBA China. At the moment when NBA China is in a difficult stage of history, can the new head's icebreaking action persist?


Today, the NBA, which has a huge influence in China, was unknown decades ago. Its achievements in the Chinese market were not achieved overnight. In the long road to China, the former president of the NBA, David Stern It is an important promoter.

如今,在中国具有巨大影响力的NBA几十年前还不得而知。它在中国市场取得的成就并非一朝一夕就能实现。在通往中国的漫漫长路中,NBA前总裁戴维·斯特恩(David Stern)是重要的推动者。

In 1979, Wes Unseld, one of the 50 biggest stars in NBA history, and his NBA championship team, the Washington Bullets, came to China for the first time and played two exhibition games with the Chinese national basketball team. . Five years later, in the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts, David Stern, who had just succeeded O'Brien as the president of the NBA, issued a friendly invitation to the head of the Chinese Basketball Federation, and the NBA officially became attached to the Chinese basketball community.

1979年,韦斯·昂塞尔德(Wes Unseld)是NBA历史上最大的50名球星之一,他的NBA冠军球队华盛顿子弹队(Washington Bullets)首次来到中国,并与中国国家篮球队进行了两次展览比赛。 。五年后,刚刚接替奥布莱恩(O'Brien)担任NBA主席的大卫·斯特恩(David Stern)在马萨诸塞州斯普林菲尔德的篮球名人堂向中国篮协主席发出了友好邀请,NBA正式成为附属于中国篮球社区。

In the five years since taking office, Stern’s main energy was to transform the NBA from a mess of losses and drug fights with players to a basketball league with a healthy image, and at the same time to create a "flying man" Michael Jordan , "Magic" Irwin Johnson and other basketball stars.

上任以来的五年中,斯特恩的主要精力是将NBA从一团糟的输球和与球员的毒品斗争转变为具有健康形象的篮球联赛,同时创建一个“飞行人”迈克尔·乔丹, “魔术师”欧文·约翰逊和其他篮球明星。

After regaining its image and gaining attention in the domestic market in the United States, the NBA launched a strategy of taking a foothold in the United States and going global. Japan is the first stop for the NBA to expand into the East Asian market. In the early 1990s, the NBA had already held exhibition games in Japan.


Entering the Chinese market is not an easy task. For this reason, David Stern made a series of efforts and even went to China to "recommend himself."

进入中国市场并非易事。因此,戴维·斯特恩(David Stern)进行了一系列的努力,甚至去中国“推荐自己”。

According to Stern’s own memories in his speech, in 1989, he and the head of NBA’s international broadcasting took two NBA videotapes and waited for a few hours in the CCTV lobby before meeting Li Zhuang, who was in charge of the CCTV outsourcing. They finally reached an agreement. The agreement is that the NBA officials will provide CCTV with free game tapes on schedule, and will share the revenue generated from the first sponsorship.


In this regard, David Stern said, "To be honest, the revenue is meager, but our game can be widely spread in China, which is very important for our development."


This made it possible for the NBA to continue to cultivate the Chinese market for the next 30 years.


On June 8, 1994, CCTV broadcasted the first game of the NBA Finals that year. This was the first live broadcast of the NBA Finals in China. Subsequently, the NBA sent star players to visit China many times, and at the same time authorized the publication of Chinese magazines, issued on-site interview certificates to the Chinese media, and reached an agreement with sports brands to promote basketball sportswear, thereby rapidly expanding the NBA's influence in China.


After nearly ten years of operation, the NBA successfully entered the Chinese market. According to a survey conducted by Asia Market Intelligence (AMI) in China in March 2003, 75% of men aged 15 to 24 are NBA fans.


In 2004, the NBA held a game in China for the first time. In order to ensure the authenticity of the NBA and allow all players to perform well, the NBA even deliberately airlifted sports flooring for games from the United States to China. Chinese audiences are indeed crazy about the NBA. Many fans lined up all night to buy tickets. In just one day, the thousands of exchange vouchers at the Beijing and Shanghai stations were all sold out.


Prior to this, Stern had already strongly recommended Chinese player Wang Zhizhi to enter the NBA. In the 1999 NBA Draft, the Dallas Mavericks (now the Mavericks) used the seventh overall pick in the second round to select Wang Zhizhi, who won numerous honors in the Bayi team. On April 4, 2001, Wang Zhizhi formally signed with the Mavericks, becoming the first Chinese player to successfully land in the NBA.

在此之前,斯特恩已经强烈建议中国球员王志智进入NBA。在1999年的NBA选秀大会上,达拉斯小牛队(现在的小牛队)在第二轮选秀中使用第七顺位选拔了王志之,后者在八一队中赢得了众多荣誉。 2001年4月4日,王志智与小牛队正式签约,成为首位成功登陆NBA的中国球员。

On the one hand, the NBA attracts the attention of the countries where these players are based by introducing a large number of foreign players. At the beginning of the 2002-2003 season, the NBA had 68 international players from 35 different countries and regions, including Yao Ming.


On the other hand, star players have become a weapon to expand on all continents. They take the entire team directly into multiple countries distributed on all continents, and hold exhibition games and even regular seasons locally. For example, the Miami Heat then went to Israel in West Asia, the championship Antonio Spurs went to Italy in southern Europe, and the Golden State Warriors and the New Jersey Nets went to Mexico to expand the territory of Central and South America.


In addition, digging into the future to become an "anchor" player for exploring overseas markets is also part of the NBA's overall internationalization strategy. The NBA has launched a "cultivation plan" on a global scale, so that young people who love basketball around the world are looking forward to becoming the next basketball superstar, and this support plan has also played a key role in building its brand image and brand culture.

此外,开拓未来成为开拓海外市场的“主力军”也是NBA整体国际化战略的一部分。 NBA在全球范围内启动了“培养计划”,以使全世界热爱篮球的年轻人都希望成为下一位篮球巨星,而这项支持计划在树立品牌形象和发挥作用方面也发挥了关键作用。品牌文化。

In the Chinese market, the NBA launched caring activities in 2004. It not only cooperated with the Ministry of Education to carry out activities such as coach training and promotion of basketball sports into campuses, but also established basketball courts and books for many schools in China through charity and public welfare. Sports and learning facilities such as rooms and computer rooms.


With a multi-pronged approach, the NBA's Chinese market has been opened up step by step.


In July 2017, Ele.me announced that Kobe Bryant and Wang Zulan have become the company’s new brand spokespersons at the same time, which temporarily touched the hearts of fans.


The basketball superstar Kobe and the food delivery company Ele.me are bridged by Yuren Sports, a local sports marketing company in China.

篮球巨星神户和食品配送公司Ele.me由中国本地体育营销公司Yuren Sports桥接。

Postman Sports is one of the participants in the rapidly developing Chinese sports industry.


After decades of development, today, the sports industry represented by the NBA is rapidly growing and expanding in China.


Around the turn of the century, with the arrival of the Internet wave, the commercialization of the NBA in China has more "helpers" and room for display.


Among the numerous partners, TOM Sports is the first company to sign a contract with the NBA to broadcast games in China, and it has thus opened a precedent for a Chinese commercial company to test the NBA. However, due to the poor network signal provided by TOM at the time and the severe lag, many viewers would rather go to the live posting bar or forum to find a signal source that requires temporary plug-ins or no plug-ins to watch the game.

在众多合作伙伴中,TOM Sports是第一家与NBA签订合约在中国转播比赛的公司,因此它为中国商业公司测试NBA开了先例。但是,由于当时由TOM提供的网络信号较差以及严重的延迟,许多观众宁愿去实时发布栏或论坛来查找需要临时插件或不需要插件即可观看信号的信号源。游戏。

TOM, which failed to meet the needs of users well, was quickly defeated, and Sina, one of the four major portals, quickly replaced TOM. Sina is the first to use LED screens for the NBA, with “rich wealth”, hoping to expand the overall influence of its brand through intensive cultivation and broadcasting of NBA games.


For example, Hupu, which has a strong user stickiness, accumulated astonishing traffic based on NBA games and related information in the early days of its establishment. It expanded its business all the way and received a Pre-IPO from Bytedance in June this year. A round of 1.26 billion yuan of financing, with a valuation of more than 4 billion yuan, self-positioning has also been upgraded to "sports event comprehensive service provider."


Since then, the popularity of the NBA in China has continued to rise. In January 2015, Tencent announced that it had won the exclusive network broadcasting rights of the mainland NBA at a price of US$500 million in 5 years. The average annual copyright fee of US$100 million was five times that of Sina’s last season's contract (US$20 million per year).

从那时起,NBA在中国的知名度持续上升。 2015年1月,腾讯宣布已在5年内以5亿美元的价格赢得了NBA国内独家网络广播权。平均每年的版权费为1亿美元,是新浪上一季合同(每年2,000万美元)的五倍。

Upgraded with the contract price, there is also the quality of the game broadcast. From the perspective of video clarity, number of cameras, and content explanations, Tencent’s broadcast of the NBA at this stage is basically comparable to the US ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programs Network).


In order to further improve the broadcast effect of NBA games, Tencent also spared no expense to build a luxurious studio with an indoor area of ​​more than 600 square meters, divided into commentary area, tactical analysis area, anchor interaction area, interview area, and a movable shooting game. Area.


This studio was officially put into use in November 2017. Six months later, it won the "Best Sports Studio" and "Best AR/VR Design" awards at the Las Vegas Radio and Television Industry Exhibition. Its advanced level is globally Lead.

该工作室于2017年11月正式投入使用。六个月后,它在拉斯维加斯广播电视行业展览会上荣获“最佳体育工作室”和“最佳AR / VR设计”奖。其先进水平是全球领先。

In addition, LeTV Sports announced in September 2016 that it would acquire the NBA's all-media copyright in Hong Kong for the next 5 years at a price of more than 100 million U.S. dollars. The broadcast channels include new media and OTT online TV. You know, Hong Kong has a population of only 7 million, and the contract price of US$100 million seems to confirm LeTV’s “rich and willful”.

此外,LeTV Sports于2016年9月宣布,它将在未来5年内以超过1亿美元的价格获得NBA在香港的全媒体版权。广播频道包括新媒体和OTT在线电视。您知道,香港只有700万人口,而1亿美元的合同价格似乎证明了LeTV的“富有和任性”。

In this regard, Yu Hang, the COO of LeTV Sports at the time, explained to the media, “LeTV Group has made an internal cost and profit calculation model. If you look at it from the perspective of LeTV Sports, (by broadcasting NBA games to achieve profit in Hong Kong ) Certainly not. But if you add the Group’s entire business market investment, brand advertising, and sales of other products, the answer will be different."

在这方面,当时LeTV Sports的首席运营官于航向媒体解释说:“ LeTV Group建立了内部成本和利润计算模型。如果您从LeTV Sports的角度来看(通过播放NBA游戏以在香港获得利润),当然不是。但是,如果加上集团在整个商业市场的投资,品牌广告和其他产品的销亚愽客户端售,答案将有所不同。”

In 2019, an even more staggering NBA broadcast copyright price appeared-a total of 1.5 billion US dollars in five years, which is equivalent to three times the price of the previous five-year contract between Tencent and the NBA.


On July 29 this year, Tencent Sports announced that it will continue to be the "NBA China Digital Media Exclusive Official Partner" until 2025. This means that from 2020 to 2025, the live broadcast, on-demand, short video and other publicity and interactive forms of NBA games in mainland China will continue to be operated by Tencent Sports as a whole.

今年7月29日,腾讯体育宣布将继续成为“ NBA中国数字媒体独家官方合作伙伴”,直到2025年。这意味着从2020年到2025年,将进行现场直播,点播,短视频等宣传和腾讯体育在整个中国大陆将以互动形式开展NBA比赛。

In the overall negotiation process, Tencent and Ali have both entered the poker table, and the offer is not much different, and at the end of several rounds of negotiations, they both requested exclusive rights. According to Lanxiong Sports, the "boss" Liu Chiping and Cai Chongxin both invested considerable energy, and the NBA also held a special meeting for this.


Tencent’s social empire has greatly accelerated the spread of the NBA in China. According to Tencent's statistics, last season, 490 million people watched NBA games on its platform in China, of which 21 million fans watched the playoff finals. In comparison, 18.34 million people watched the game through the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).


Many NBA star players are amazed by the scale of the Chinese basketball market. NBA All-Star players such as Marbury, Tracy McGrady, Arenas, Artest and others have played in the CBA. In addition to coming to China to participate in offline activities, some NBA players and managers have also opened Chinese Weibo to actively interact with fans.

许多NBA球星都对中国篮球市场的规模感到惊讶。 NBA全明星球员,例如马伯里(Marbury),麦蒂(Tracy McGrady),阿里纳斯(Arenas),阿泰斯特(Artest)等,都曾参加CBA。除了来中国参加线下活动外,一些NBA球员和经理还开设了中国微博以与粉丝进行积极互动。

In 2002, shortly after Yao Ming joined the NBA as the top pick in the draft, his home team Houston Rockets won the sponsorship of Yanjing Beer. Since then, sponsor invitations, player images and sports product endorsement contracts from China are even more uncountable.


The Atlantic Monthly of the United States analyzed in a 2012 report that during Yao Ming’s role for the Rockets, the Rockets’ team value increased by more than 100%, higher than the average 63.32% increase of league teams (excluding the Rockets).


Yao Ming's talent and hard work have made him a well-known star player in both China and the United States. And other players who have played for the Rockets like Yao Ming have more or less swayed him, and successively won the endorsement contracts of Chinese sports brands. among them:


Not only players, but with China's economic development and the continuous growth of the sports and Internet industries, NBA teams have now become the target of Chinese capital.


In October 2017, Alibaba Group Executive Vice Chairman Cai Chongxin personally invested more than $1.1 billion to purchase 49% of the Brooklyn Nets. In August of this year, Cai Chongxin invested US$2.35 billion to buy the remaining 51% of the Nets’ shares. He also took over the Barclays Center at his home stadium for US$700 million, and assumed about US$300 million in net debt.


This transaction with a total price of more than $3 billion will allow Cai Chongxin to obtain 100% control of the Nets and also set a record for the purchase amount of a single sports team in NBA history.


North America has the four most popular professional sports leagues in the world except European football, namely NFL (National Football League), MLB (Major League Baseball), NHL (National Hockey League) and NBA (American Basketball Professional League) . Among them, the NFL's performance among the four is outstanding. The finals ratings have historically been the highest among all American TV shows, while the popularity of the NBA was the lowest among the four.


Last season, the TV broadcast agreement signed by Alliance President Xiao Hua, Turner Broadcasting System Inc. and Walt Disney Company officially took effect. This nine-year agreement has a staggering amount of 24 billion U.S. dollars.


The latest 2019 list released by Forbes shows that NBA teams are valued at more than US$1.2 billion, with an average value of US$1.9 billion, surpassing MLB for the first time and becoming the second place among the four major North American sports leagues-and in Xiao Hua In 2014, when he took office, the average team value was $634 million. On a global scale, even if counted as the most commercially valuable Premier League in the football field, the NBA can still rank in the top four.


With basketball as the link, the NBA and the Chinese sports industry have each obtained corresponding returns. The development of basketball has provided opportunities for many people who love basketball culture to establish their careers, and it has also brought a lot of fun to the fans.


Such a win-win business with multiple parties is bound to continue for a long time.


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