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【亚愽客户端】中超16强动态:曾诚豪言赢上港冲冠军 马尔康三项数据居榜首
名称:【亚愽客户端】中超16强动态:曾诚豪言赢上港冲冠军 马尔康三项数据居榜首

On October 13, the Chinese Super League teams arrived in the competition area one after another, and some teams started their first training after arrival.


The team arrived in the Suzhou Division on the same day. Coach Cannavaro said in an interview with the media that the training of the national team is different from the training of the club.


The FA Cup was originally scheduled for the second round in late November, but if the FA Cup match of the four AFC teams is not postponed, Shanghai SIPG will send a substitute to stay in the competition area.


Beijing Zhonghe Guoan has arrived in the Suzhou Division. As the first round against Shandong Luneng Taishan will be held at 3:30 in the afternoon, the Guoan team hopes that the players can adapt as soon as possible and enter the state of preparation as soon as possible. The team will change the training to the morning.


The Jiangsu Suning Tesco team arrived in the Suzhou Division that night and checked into Building 3 of the Taimei Xiangguli Hotel, the venue for the second stage of the Chinese Super League.


After Shandong Luneng arrived in the Suzhou Division, Luneng player Zheng Zheng accepted the media interview. Speaking of the changes made to the team by the coaching change, he said, “First of all, Director Hao is no stranger to our players. He has always been in the team. Director Hao has his own ideas and implements his requirements into our team. We are. The players just do their best to implement the coach's skills and tactics."


In an interview, coach Zhang Wailong talked about the adjustments of the team in the first stage. He said: "The team has achieved a balance of offense and defense, and the results in the first stage are very good."


The Chinese Super League officially released the scorers list for the first stage. In terms of the number of scorers, shots and shots on goal, Hebei China Fortune striker Malkang ranked first with 11 goals, 63 shots and 27 shots on goal.


After Shanghai Greenland Shenhua arrived in the Suzhou Division, goalkeeper Zeng Cheng accepted an interview. He said that playing against Shanghai SIPG is the next two most important matches. "We can only move on after crossing this hurdle, so that we can move towards a better ranking and the championship. So these two matches are Our next priority is that we are also preparing for these two games in the recent training."

上海格陵兰神华到达苏州分区后,门将曾成接受了采访。他说与上海SIPG的比赛是接下来的两场最重要的比赛。 “我们只有在跨过这一障碍之后才能继续前进,这样才能朝着更高的排名和冠军迈进。因此,这两场比赛是我们的下一个优先事项,因为我们也在近期的训练中为这两场比赛做准备。”

Shenzhen Kaisa owner coach Cruyff posted photos of recent training on social media and wrote: "It's great to get to know the team better before the playoffs."


At 3:00 pm on October 13, Wuhan Zall team opened the first training class after arriving at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dalian. Under the leadership of the head of the coaching staff, Ma Yongkang, the team conducted a 15-minute training session open to the media on the 3rd venue of the sports center.


Shijiazhuang Yongchang opened the first training class after arriving at the resident Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dalian. Before the training, veteran Muric accepted the media interview. Speaking of the current physical condition, Muric said: "I feel very good now. I have no problem after recovery. I have returned to the team for normal training. I am gradually recovering my physical fitness."


Guangzhou R&F arrived at Dalian, the venue of the second stage relegation group of the Super League.


The Dalian coach Benitez posted a photo with new aid Janisson on social media and said: “Janisson can improve the team's midfield, which makes us stronger again.”


The team arrived at the Dalian hotel in the early morning of the 14th.


After Henan Jianye arrived in Dalian, the player Wang Shangyuan was interviewed by the media. He introduced: “The new head coach has worked very hard after he came, and he has brought us many new things, including the team’s organizational skills and tactics, and the preparation is particularly meticulous. Although the time is relatively short, he still brings us Great changes have come."


After Tianjin TEDA arrived at the hotel in Dalian, the team's new aid Suarez was interviewed. He said: "We are here with great hopes, hoping to show our team spirit through the efforts of all members and mutual help among teammates, and finally achieve our club's task of relegation."


PP sports reporter Zheng Xiaowei

PP sports reporter Z恒ξ AO为

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